what is philoblogy?

phi·lo·blog·y [n.]
1. the love of blogging (archaic)
2. a chronic condition wherein one subjects oneself to countless hours of word-processing with the vague hope of “connecting” with other individuals in cyberspace.

The Thinker

Individual engaging in philoblogy may come to be known as “philobloggers.” Such individuals may be recognized by their propensity for using edgy neologisms containing the term “blog” (such as “blogosphere” or “blogophobia”), [for men] sporting a perpetual five ‘o’ clock shadow, and/or exhibiting red-eye syndrome due to countless late nights blogging or reading blogs. Preferred locales for philobloggers to “work” include the home and at Starbucks making use of the wi-fi with their (preferably Apple) laptop computer.

The key concept for the philoblogger is “connection” (or for the British philobloggre, “connexion”). Those engaged in philoblogy seek tirelessly to connect with other likeminded E-ndividuals who will hopefully make a habit of regularly visiting their blog (thus increasing the amount of “hits” [i.e. total number of visits to a webpage], with a concomitant increase in E-cred) as well as posting to it, creating at least the appearance that it is regularly visited and that others have a genuine interest in what the blog (and therefore the philoblogger) has to say.

In short, when practicing philoblogy, please be sure to abide by a few essential guidelines:

  1. Make regular postings to your blog, as large lapses between postings will give other philobloggers the impression that you are not a serious blogger, and your site will run the risk of being E-schewed.
  2. Be sure to make philobloggers aware of your readership by posting to their blogs. It reinforces their self-concept and sense of purpose as would-be bohemian E-artists (and, most importantly, will likely result in reciprocal postings on your blog).
  3. Don’t forget to avail yourself of each and every opportunity to take take traditional words and attach the prefix “e-” to them. You’re E-fans will assuredly be proud of your deft E-bilities.
  4. You must never utter any deprecating words or pejorative insinuations concerning either (philo)bloggers or the art of blogging. Doing so will result in immediate and irrevocable sentence of interminable E-shunning (or, worse, spamming – for all of their wonderful qualities, philobloggers tend to be rather unforgiving E-people).

2 Responses to what is philoblogy?

  1. Blaine Lay says:

    I have interest in what you say. Further, I question your credibility since you have created your blog only recently. However, based on the relational contact we have had with one another in person. . .I can vouch for the validity of your perspective. Cheers,

    blaine lay

  2. Jim Chapman says:

    I take issue with your appropriation of Greek. Your first definition of ‘the love of blogging’ would be ‘blogophilia.’

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